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Trust Without Borders: A Study of Psalm 37

Trust without Borders is based on Psalm 37 and examines how to commit your will, through obedience, to wait with strengthened faith upon the Lord. It leads the reader through scriptures to learn how to trust God against all odds, earthly knowledge, opinions and advice. Trust requires learning how to wait upon the Lord, cultivate faith, requires obedience to His will and His guidance, involves prayer and how to break down strongholds in order to rest in His peace. Trusting in God then results in strength, hope, growth of faith, understanding of grace, acceptance of His mercy, and enjoyment of the riches of inheritance of His love, rest and peace.

In Trust without Borders the author reveals that when we give trust to God as a beautiful gift from our heart, that trust demonstrates the meaning of living by grace rather than works. These questions are also considered:

  • Is it trust only when we get our way?
  • How do trust and entering His rest comingle?
  • Why is gratefulness a foremost quality of a trusting follower of Christ?

Start today learning how to trust God with everything and every need of your life!